Silves is a calm and friendly city. It seems as if it stands still in time, and takes us into a distant past connected to an Islamic culture of which the imprint can still be felt. Visiting the city one feels the soul and the music of the Arab poets and we enjoy the sweet taste of the oranges. The air we breathe is sweetened by the perfume of the almond trees, the fig trees, the orange trees, or the wild plants growing in the surroundings. The colorful local market deserves a visit. There we can buy all the seasonal and local vegetables, or the freshly caught fish.

The café under the arches of the Town hall is another place not to be missed: here the typical cakes are here the best, just like the coffee, the garden in front is beautiful the whole year round, and D. Rosa the best of hostesses!

And of course there is much more to see, starting with the castle, the museum, the churches, the library … passing through many different squares and gardens, stairs and corners … each with its own charm!


Silves has always been known for its beautiful and aromatic gardens. It still is. Along the centuries it has inspired many poets. This is a unique place, where the Mediterranean flowers, smells and colors remind us of ancient times. The first thing that comes to mind about the Algarve to any Portuguese is the variety of beaches. They are fantastic. The second is the specific scent. Travelling by car from Lisbon we know that we have reached the Algarve because of the aroma.

Algarve to have the feeling of being home, or on friendly soil. The secret is a tiny, sticky, white plant growing on every slope of the Algarve: the "estevas' (Gum Rockrose). In this garden there is a wonderful collection of almost everything that gives these intoxicating scents: almond and fig trees, “dama da noite” (Cestrum nocturnum), jasmine, rosemary, lavender, “nêspera” tree (medlar - Mespilus germanica), orange blossom … a flowering paradise.